rochem observation windows for gas turbines

Monitor performance and problems to maintain and protect your equipment

Rochem observation windows let you see what's happening inside your gas turbine compressor inlet. A physical window to the inner workings of the system allows you to check on performance and monitor cleaning cycles in action.

Observation windows are available in rectangular (OW1) and round (OW2) construction with or without lighting. They arrive ready to install into the air inlet plenum and we offer a range of optional extras to suit your requirements.

Satisfy curiosity
One of the most basic benefits of observation windows is that they allow you a great view of a usually concealed system.

Monitor performance
Not only can you check the gas turbine is running properly, but you can also monitor gas turbine cleaning to ensure correct spray patterns and blade wetting.

Check nozzles
Ensure all your cleaning nozzles are clear and working properly to clean as they're intended and intervene before foulants accumulate.

Inspect foulants
Observe any sudden build-up of deposit on the inner walls which could be caused by breakdown or serious degradation of inlet filters.

Notice problems
Get advance warning of problems before they develop such as any initial build-up of potential damaging ice inside the plenum.

Take action
Observation windows allow advance warning of several problems, such as the start of oil leakages, allowing you to take immediate action.


Everything you need for a great view

What's included?

Rochem Gas Turbine Observation Windows include the following features as standard:

  • Mild steel or stainless steel frame
  • Polycarbonate window
  • A rectangular or circular design
  • Welded or bolted fitment
  • Proven design and simple to install
  • Suitable for both on-line and off-line compressor washing
  • Suited to any thickness of plenum wall
  • Certificate of Conformity
Optional extras

We also offer the following optional extras at your request:

  • Lighting
  • Internal window wiper
  • Noise abatement insulation
  • Borosilicate glass