Rochem's purpose is to drive the success of our clients by boosting power, efficiency, and reliability of their key assets.


Established in 1978 Rochem Technical Services Group have been industry specialists for over forty years

Part of the wider Rochem Worldwide Group, Rochem FYREWASH® Inc set out to deliver in-service, efficiency enhancing systems for the onshore and offshore industrial gas turbine markets. In particular, targeted on-line and off-line compressor cleaning systems and gas turbine cleaning chemicals which helped maintain fuel efficiency and output.


To date, over 12,000 gas turbines (GTs) have been installed with Rochem compressor cleaning systems, with over 300 instals now taking place every year. We are committed to not only offering market-leading products but also delivering excellent customer service and comprehensive support pre, during and post installation.


To help with this mission, we have strategic subsidiaries in Europe, and the USA, providing a point of contact, outstanding customer service, and support. Meanwhile, the manufacture of associated chemicals is located at Rochem's chemical blending facility near Rotterdam.


The rapid development of the UK's offshore oil and gas industry through the 1980s brought a significant boost to RTS's market prospects. Large capacity gas turbines began to be installed in large numbers aboard offshore production rigs. The demand for reliable outputs meant that the need to maintain internal cleanliness, thermal efficiency, and power became a high priority. The alternative was to allow the turbines to gradually lose between five and 10% power.

Three main Rochem principles

  • 1
    Deliver the cleaning chemical to fully wet the internal surfaces.
  • 2
    The cleaning chemical must be properly formulated to clean and remove fouling.
  • 3
    Frequent, regular cleaning to control foulant buildup on the internal surfaces.


Our range of products enable us to provide solutions to our customers' varied requirements. We design and manufacture all of our specialist nozzle systems at our headquarters in Winchester, UK. Here we have the facilities to perform comprehensive design using the latest development and analytical software together with in-house testing and measurement of the final design. Working closely with our customers we develop low-risk gas turbine cleaning solutions for the harshest environments.


With over 40 years in the gas turbine and process compressor cleaning business, we have installed more than 12000 gas turbine cleaning systems and almost 100 process compressor cleaning nozzles worldwide. Our range of FYREWASH® cleaning chemicals has been developed to support our equipment in enabling superior cleaning which meets the stringent requirements of the gas turbine manufacturers.


We are a key supplier to many of the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) including Siemens, GE, Kawasaki, Solar and Dresser Rand. We supply for both gas turbines and process compressors, and the majority of our systems have been installed to new equipment directly with the OEM. Accreditation for our business processes meet ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO 45001 ensuring complete traceability and quality control of our whole product range.