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Industry leading cleaning technology to boost efficiency and drive down costs

Rochem FYREWASH® Inc. has been a world leader in gas turbine and process compressor cleaning technology since 1978. We put our decades of experience and knowledge into helping customers increase productivity and drive down costs.

We supply a range of highly effective gas turbine cleaning solutions, precision-designed nozzles, wash skids, and powerful specialist compressor cleaning chemicals to keep your gas turbines operating at peak efficiency. FYREWASH® Chemicals were designed for all types of fouling and meet current OEM and environmental standards worldwide.

We save you millions by:

  • Providing high quality, innovative products to significantly reduce your costs
  • Delivering a solution that is quick and easy to implement, even with limited man hours
  • Enabling you to clean during normal operation
  • Increasing gas turbine efficiency and performance
  • Reducing your stress and maximizing your profits

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How we help you meet environmental targets

Rochem products help your system to run as efficiently as possible, supporting you to meet environmental targets. Our range of effective products facilitate the removal of foulants, creating a streamlined system. You will require less power to produce the same results, cutting your fuel costs while also reducing unnecessary waste.

Working hand-in-hand with our cleaning hardware, Rochem FYREWASH® chemicals enable superior cleaning while meeting current original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and environmental standards worldwide. These effective cleaners allow minimal product and water use while also being kind to the planet.

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We are proud to partner with and support major companies around the world

'Minimal downtime for installation, easy to use, we were very impressed and a successful outcome, great results'

Offshore Rotating Equipment Manager
Talisman-Sinpopec Bleo Holm FPSP

Rochem products help you boost efficiency and productivity while driving down running costs and minimizing unscheduled shutdowns. If you are interested in how we could help you save millions with our industry-leading technology, get in touch today.


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