Maximise profit and create cost efficiencies

Rochem supports the oil and gas industry by enabling maximum productivity

It is imperative to maintain the performance of your process gas compressor in order to run the most efficient, profitable system possible. However, inevitable fouling interrupts flow and jeopardizes productivity. That's where we can help.

We have decades of experience in the specialist industry of gas turbine compressor cleaning. Our systems are easy to install but will revolutionize your cleaning regime. The results are simplified procedures, fewer man hours, greater efficiency, and boosted profits.

Save millions by installing the ultimate performance cleaning system in four easy steps:

  • 01 Identify the problems Identify the loss of process compressor performance.
  • 02 Book a site visit Book a site visit and technical review meeting with one of our experienced members of staff.
  • 03 Review the proposal Review Rochem's proposal and sign if you are happy to go ahead.
  • 04 Install your equipment We install your new gas compressor cleaning system, supervise its usage, and train your staff.

FAQs about Oil and Gas

What kind of fouling can I expect?

The foulant types include:
  • Saline deposits concentrated sea salt
  • Carbon dioxide, carbonate salts
  • Hydrogen sulfide, sulfide salts
  • Metal, iron salts
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Sand, silica (desert based fields)
  • Glycol, from the antifreeze process
  • Oil & grease from the compressor lube system

Does gas compressor fouling have financial implications?

Yes. 15 – 30% shortfalls in head are not uncommon and, when you understand that a 10% drop in efficiency requires a 10% increase in power, it is clear to see that unaddressed fouling can cost you a lot of money very quickly.

If you do nothing about it, fouling will eventually lead to unscheduled shut downs which can easily cost $4.8M each time.

What is the on-line process compressor cleaning procedure?

  • Rochem injection nozzle system installed in the process compressor suction pipeline. Rochem HP self contained delivery system, these operate at pressures up to 100 barg.
  • Fill the wash delivery tank with the Rochem FYREWASH® solution and connect to the Rochem HP nozzle via the outlet hose.
  • Inject the Rochem FYREWASH® wash solution at a flow rate of between 5-20 lpm (litres per minute), depending on the compressor size & flow, for 10 minutes dependant on the compressor size & flow.



Do I need to use special detergents to clean the compressor?

Although a lot of foulants will be washed away by water alone, not all will be. We have designed a range of FYREWASH® chemicals, especially for compressor cleaning, targeting the types of fouling you will experience. The whole range meets manufacturer standards around the world.

Mixed with demineralized water in a ratio of 1:4, these products are extremely effective during both on-line and off-line cleaning. Experience has shown that FYREWASH® F1 and F4 are the best options for process compressors but get in touch if you have any questions about which FYREWASH® will suit your site.

Is it possible FYREWASH® will damage process compressor seals?

On-line cleaning should not be a problem for any process compressors with oil seals or self-acting dry gas seals. However, for complete peace of mind, we always carry out a design verification to check modifications are not required.