A range of professional compressor cleaning detergents

Rochem FYREWASH® is a range of effective specialist compressor cleaning chemicals used to target fouling in gas turbine compressors. These concentrated, neutral water-based detergent cleaning fluids are designed for all types of fouling and meet current manufacturer guidelines and environmental standards worldwide.

Our products are trusted around the globe in offshore, industrial, and power generation applications to help maintain efficient, profitable gas turbines. While each detergent offers unique benefits, the whole Rochem FYREWASH® chemical range is perfect for both on-line and off-line gas turbine washing (crank washing), achieving fantastic results.

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    Our original aromatic hydrocarbon solvent cleaner, FYREWASH® F1 is ideal for heavy-duty on-line and off-line gas turbine compressor cleaning. F1 can be used safely and effectively when the gas turbine is running at any speed and load while targeting a wide spectrum of foulants.


    Highly biodegradable, F2 is a low-foaming cleaner with a natural, renewable pine oil agent. Extremely safe and user-friendly, this chemical is ideal for online and off-line compressor cleaning in any type of industrial or marine gas turbine. FYREWASH® F2 can significantly reduce your off-line wash cycle time with its superior low-foam characteristic.


    An environmentally friendly, water-based gas turbine cleaner with lower foaming than other comparable products but a higher percentage of active cleaning ingredients. FYREWASH® F3 is also available in a special Rolls Royce formulation and an oil & gas formula which is CEFAS approved for offshore use.

    FYREWASH® F3 Oil & Gas

    This specialist cleaner offers exceptional cleaning for environmentally sensitive offshore oil and gas sites. FYREWASH® F3 Oil & Gas is CEFAS 'Gold' colour-banded for use offshore, so you can confidently clean your gas turbine compressor without compromising your environmental responsibilities.


    A biodegradable, water-based chemical, FYREWASH F3 RR is specifically designed for use with Rolls Royce gas turbine compressors to achieve superior cleaning. Confidently maintain an efficient, productive gas turbine in the knowledge that you're using the perfect product for the task.


    This gas turbine compressor washing detergent offers the best possible cleaning from a process compressor chemical. Non-hazardous, user-friendly, and biodegradable, the F4 water-based cleaner sets the standard against which the performance of all other true detergents can be judged. FYREWASH® F4 has a zero cloud point providing superior 'right through' compressor online washing.