Gas Turbine Compressor Cleaning Nozzles

Gas Turbine Compressor Cleaning Nozzles

Gas Turbine Compressor Cleaning Nozzles

Upgrade your equipment to improve and simplify cleaning

Rochem FYREWASH® nozzles are specially designed for all gas turbine engines in the range of 0.5 -250 MW output. They enable you to deliver a precise flow of atomized cleaning fluid exactly where it is needed.

Ideal for both on-line and off-line gas turbine compressor cleaning, our nozzles simplify and improve cleaning practices. By removing foulants quickly and easily you can maintain efficiency, boost productivity, and reduce downtime.


Trust expertise
We have decades of unrivalled expertise in the design and manufacture of compressor cleaning systems meaning that the engine is cleaned in the most efficient and cost-effective way ensuring excellent recovery of lost power output.

Harness technology
Using proven and patented technology, Rochem compressor cleaning nozzles enable superior on-line and off-line compressor cleaning.

Maintain productivity
Our nozzles can be used during normal operation meaning you don't have to interrupt production to conduct a clean.

Clean efficiently
With Rochem nozzles the engine is cleaned in the most efficient and cost effective way possible, keeping costs down.

Use confidently
Every one of our dual side spray nozzles is fully tested for correct flow and spray pattern before leaving the factory.

Replace equipment
The nozzles are ready to install in place of existing nozzles as a retrofit or can be fitted on-site by one of our qualified engineers.

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