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The Rochem Gas Turbine Cleaning Product Range

When it comes to cleaning industrial gas turbines, it pays to do things right. A properly cleaned gas turbine is more efficient, safer and cheaper to run. The thought of designing, installing and maintaining an effective cleaning regime may sound daunting. So, to help make things easy, we’ve designed the the Rochem Gas Turbine Cleaning Product Range to take care of the details when it comes gas turbine cleaning.

What is the Rochem Gas Turbine Cleaning Product Range for?

In a nutshell, the Rochem Gas Turbine Cleaning Product Range has been created to take the stress and worry out of industrial gas turbine cleaning. It can be customised to your specific requirements and is suitable for use in hazardous areas including gas platforms. With the option to choose whether you conduct an on-line or off-line clean each time, this tried and tested technology keeps you in control while enabling efficient and reliable cleaning. You can also choose a standard set up or opt for customisation to suit your specific requirements.

What does the Rochem Gas Turbine Cleaning Product Range do?

The Rochem Gas Turbine Cleaning Product Range is comprehensive and fully self-contained with the option for either a mobile or static set up. Simple to use, the system achieves exceptional results with very little effort.

This product pange supplies gas turbine wash nozzles and the supporting hardware to enable on-line and off-line gas turbine cleaning. Once installed, these nozzles spray atomised water and detergent (if desired) into the compressor. This water then safely and effectively removes foulants which otherwise interrupt airflow and cause a drop in efficiency.

The nozzles deliver a carefully measured, safe and effective droplet size which is large enough to ensure a thorough clean while remaining small enough to avoid erosion. Wash fluid is injected through the lowest number of injection nozzles possible while still fully wetting the compressor blades.

To keep the clean as cost effective as possible, we’ve also carefully calculated how to achieve the maximum wash fluid/blade contact time while keeping the volume of water/detergent to a minimum.

This effective cleaning process can be conducted during normal use (on-line) to achieve a clean without interrupting productivity, or for a more thorough off-line clean at your discretion.

Finally, to ensure faultless installation and first use, each Rochem Gas Turbine Cleaning Product Range is fully factory tested before dispatch and designed for quick and easy installation at your facility.

Why choose the Rochem Gas Turbine Cleaning Product Range?

This single kit of wash fluid injection nozzles can be used for both on-line and off-line turbine cleaning. While being convenient, this also reduces the amount of hardware needed, minimising expense and maintenance costs.

This system comprehensively takes the stress out of gas turbine cleaning. It achieves great results while being capable of fine-tuning to suit specific engine and site demands.

What’s included?

The Rochem Gas Turbine Cleaning Product Range includes the following features as standard:

  • On-line and off-line stainless steel nozzle kit with manifold
  • Unique nozzle protection filter
  • Wash skid system
  • Full operating manual and data book
  • Certificate of Conformity
  • Proven, compact design
  • Simple to install and maintain
  • Minimum operator input time
  • No chemical handling
  • Suited to both on-line and off-line compressor cleaning

Optional extras

The standard features enable reliable, effective cleaning for industrial gas turbines.

However, we also offer the following optional extras:

  • Automatic operation
  • Remote control
  • Cold weather operation
  • Thermal insulation
  • Frost guard
  • Ex version available

You also have the option to request customisation to suit your unique requirements. 

Find out more

If you’d like to find out more about the Rochem Gas Turbine Cleaning Product Range and how it could improve your cleaning processes, get in touch. Our friendly team are on hand to discuss how we can help.

Technical data

Tank capacity: 100 – 1000 LTRS (26-260 USG)

Operating Pressure Range: 10-60 BAR (150-900 PSI)

Power Supply: 380-480, 5060Hz, 3ph (other voltages available upon request)


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