Highly biodegradable water-based detergent

Our whole range of compressor cleaning chemicals is perfect for both on-line and off-line cleaning and is trusted by customers around the world. With a zero cloud point, FYREWASH® F4 provides superior 'right through' on-line washing.

Highly biodegradable without compromising on performance, it sets the standard for water-based detergents while helping you meet environmental targets. FYREWASH® F4 sets the standard against which the performance and cost effectiveness of all other true water-based gas turbine cleaners can be judged.

We specialise in exceptional cleaning and this product stands out in the market for its superior performance as a non-hazardous, highly biodegradable chemical.

  • Versatile All FYREWASH® chemicals are ideal for on-line and off-line cleaning. Using a single product reduces costs and storage requirements.
  • Approved Like all of our cleaning chemicals, FYREWASH® F4 is approved and meets major manufacturer specifications world-wide.
  • Biodegradable Water-based and highly biodegradable (according to OECD 301-A test), FYREWASH® F4 is helping you to meet environmental standards. It has no cloud point for complete temperature stability throughout the compressor.
  • Productive Choosing to conduct regular on-line washes with FYREWASH® F4 boosts the efficiency, productivity and reliability of your turbine compressor.
  • Insured We are 100% confident in all of our FYREWASH® chemicals and back the range with our high value liability insurance.

Properties of FYREWASH® F4 

  • APPEARANCE: Colourless
  • SHELF LIFE: 5 years.
  • TYPICAL PROPERTIES: Density 1.02g/ml@ 20°C, PH 7.5 (20% in water).
  • DILUTION: FYREWASH® F4 concentrate with four (4) parts of water into a stable solution.
  • APPLICATION: FYREWASH® F4 can be used with any on-line or off-line injection system.
  • WATER RINSE: We recommend a rinse flush with demineralised water for on-line washing. For off-line cleaning, rinse until you observe clear run-off.
  • ANTIFREEZE: Add antifreeze at temperatures below +10°C. FYREWASH® F4 is compatible with methanol, propylene glycol and ethylene glycol. We offer a superior freeze point depressant: contact us for details.


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How do I dispose of it?

Although safe and highly biodegradable, any chemicals and rinse water you use should be collected and properly disposed of.

Do I need to use protective equipment when handling it?

FYREWASH® F4 has an EC Hazard rating of Xi. It is classified as an irritant with a US NFPA rating 1,1,0. Although non-hazardous, you should avoid frequent prolonged direct contact with skin and wear eye protection, as when handling any chemical.

What should I do about spillages?

You can wash away small amounts with water but absorb larger spillages with sand or earth.

How do I manage any fires?

Use foam, carbon dioxide, dry chemicals, sand or earth.

What is the management system tariff code?

34029090 EUROPE ISO14001: 2015 & ISO9001: 2015 ENVIRONMENTAL

How is FYREWASH® F4 packaged?

  • 25 lt (6.5 USG) pails
  • 210 lt (55 USG) drums
  • 1000 lt IBC.

Are there known shipping issues?

It is classified as non-hazardous and there are no shipping restrictions on FYREWASH® F4.

How do I store it once it arrives?

Keep it in tightly closed drums in a cool, dry place with good ventilation. Prevent temperature fluctuations.

How do I order or find out more information?

Contact Rochem to place an order or to ask any questions about our products here.