Effective compressor cleaning for offshore use

At Rochem, we develop specialist technology for gas turbine compressor cleaning, tailoring our products to support our customers around the world. FYREWASH® F3 Oil & Gas offers exceptional cleaning at environmentally sensitive offshore sites.

Reliably effective while highly biodegradable, FYREWASH® F3 Oil & Gas is non-hazardous and user-friendly. It targets a wide range of foulants while meeting strict environmental rules, allowing you to run an efficient, productive turbine in challenging conditions.

  • Approved for offshore The ideal choice for offshore gas turbines, FYREWASH® F3 Oil & Gas is CEFAS 'Gold' colour-branded for use offshore.
  • Low-foaming Compared with other products, it is lower foaming while containing a higher percentage of active cleaning ingredients.
  • Effective It can be used on-line or off-line while setting the standard for performance and cost effectiveness from a water-based chemical.
  • Available as wipes It is available in liquid form or as lint-free wipes which are perfect for manual compressor cleaning to support your maintenance schedule.
  • Safe It is non-hazardous, safe, reliable and the chemical of choice for compressor cleaning at offshore sites around the world.
  • Insured We back FYREWASH® F3 Oil & Gas and all of our cleaning chemicals with our unique high value liability insurance.

Properties of FYREWASH® F3 Oil & Gas

  • Appearance: Colourless.
  • Shelf life: 5 years.
  • Typical properties: Density 1.00g/ml@ 20°C, PH 7 - 7.5 (20% in water).
  • Dilution: FYREWASH® F3 Oil & Gas concentrate with four (4) parts of water into a stable solution.
  • Application: FYREWASH® F3 Oil & Gas can be used with any on-line or off-line injection system.
  • Water rinse: When on-line washing, as with all our chemicals, it is best carry out a rinse flush with demineralised water. For off-line washing, rinse until the run-off is clear.
  • Antifreeze: If the temperature falls below +10°C, we recommend adding antifreeze. FYREWASH® F3 Oil & Gas is compatible with Methanol, Propylene Glycol and Ethylene Glycol. Enquire about our superior freeze point depressant.


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FAQs about FYREWASH® F3 Oil & Gas

What about health and safety?

Although safe and biodegradable, all chemical solution and rinse water drainage should be collected and disposed of properly no matter what type of chemical is being used.

  • EC Hazard rating: Xi. Irritant. US NFPA rating 1,1,0
  • Protective measures: Non-hazardous but avoid frequent prolonged direct contact with skin to prevent possibility of de-oiling skin. Wear eye protection as a matter of course when handling any chemical.
  • If spilled: Absorb large spillages with sand or earth. Flush away small spillages with water.
  • Fire: Use earth or sand, carbon dioxide, foam or dry chemicals.

What are the management system codes?

ISO14001: 2015 & ISO9001: 2015

What about environmental impact?

When using and disposing of any chemical, you should refer to your local environmental procedures. Collect the chemical solution and rinse water for correct disposal.

How will FYREWASH® F3 Oil & Gas arrive?

FYREWASH® F3 O&G is available in:

  • 25 lt (6.5 USG) pails
  • 210 lt (55 USG) drums
  • 1000 lt IBC
  • Container of 200 lint-free wipes

Are there issues with shipping this chemical?

There are no restrictions on shipping FYREWASH® F3 Oil & Gas. It is recognised as non-hazardous for international shipping by air, sea and road.

How should it be stored at my facility?

Keep it in a cool, dry, well ventilated place in tightly closed drums. Avoid fluctuations in temperature.

Can I place an order?

Get in touch to place your order or to ask any further questions here.

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