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A high purity hydrocarbon solvent and surfactant formulation for heavy duty online and offline compressor cleaning

FYREWASH® F1 was developed to give the maximum possible cleaning efficiency and effectiveness from a compressor cleaning chemical that can used for both online & offline washing. FYREWASH® F1 can be used with any on-line/off-line injection system but for optimum cleaning results and economic usage of chemicals use with a Rochem FYREWASH® specialist cleaning system designed specifically for your gas turbine types.

Rochem offers a full range of patented manual or fully automatic atomising injection systems to suit any engine type.

Features and benefits

  • Safely and effectively cleans compressors on-line when running at any speed and load.
  • Extremely effective compressor cleaner.
  • On-line cleaning reduces damaging shutdown/start-up thermal cycles and starter wear and tear.
  • Ideal for off-line cleaning due to high biodegradability.
  • Leaves no chemical residue.
  • 100% safety record in thousands of gas turbines over millions of operating hours.


  • APPEARANCE: Colourless
  • SHELF LIFE: 5 years.
  • TYPICAL PROPERTIES: Density 0.847g/ml@ 20°C, Flash point 88°C, Fluid form, PH 7.4 (20% in water).
  • DILUTION: FYREWASH® F1 concentrate with four (4) parts of water into a stable solution.
  • APPLICATION: FYREWASH® F1 can be used with any on-line or off-line injection system.
  • WATER RINSE: Online washing best practise is to perform rinse ush with demin water. Off line washing rinse until ef cient runs clear.
  • ANTIFREEZE: Add antifreeze below +10°C, FYREWASH® F1 is compatible with Methanol, Propylene Glycol, Ethylene Glycol. Rochem manufacture a superior freeze point depressant, Rochem FPD, please contact Rochem for further information.

To request more information or a quotation please use the FYREWASH® request form.

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