Rochem's original gas compressor cleaning chemical

Rochem offer a range of effective, specialist cleaning chemicals and FYREWASH® F1 was the first one we created. It was developed to provide the maximum possible cleaning efficiency from a compressor cleaning chemical.

FYREWASH® F1 is a high purity hydrocarbon solvent and surfactant chemical which is ideal for heavy duty cleaning both on-line and off-line compressor cleaning. It is the best product in our range for oil leaks and particularly in industrial areas.

FYREWASH® F1 can be used with any on-line/off-line injection system but for optimum cleaning results and economic usage of chemicals use with a Rochem FYREWASH® specialist cleaning system designed specifically for your gas turbine types. Rochem offers a full range of patented manual or fully automatic atomising injection systems to suit any engine type.

  • Versatile FYREWASH® F1 can be used for both on-line and off-line gas compressor cleaning. It is safe and efficient while the turbine is running at any speed and load.
  • Effective This chemical targets a wide range of foulants commonly found in gas turbine compressors. It stands out as the product of choice for heavy duty cleaning.
  • Rewarding On-line cleaning with FYREWASH® F1 can boost the efficiency of your turbine and reduce the number of unscheduled shut downs.
  • Leaves no residue Assuming proper cleaning procedures are followed, this chemical leaves no residue after effectively removing a range of foulants.
  • Safe FYREWASH® F1 is approved and meets major equipment manufacturers’ guidelines. It has a 100% safety record in thousands of turbines and millions of operating hours.
  • Insured We are so confident in our cleaning chemical that we back it with our unique high value product liability insurance.

Properties of FYREWASH® F1

  • Appearance: Colourless.
  • Shelf life: 5 years.
  • Typical properties: Density 0.847g/ml@ 20°C, Flash point 88°C, Fluid form, PH 7.4 (20% in water).
  • Dilution: FYREWASH® F1 concentrate with four (4) parts of water into a stable solution.
  • Application: FYREWASH® F1 can be used with any on-line or off-line injection system. For best results use with a Rochem specialist cleaning system designed for your gas turbine.
  • Water rinse: Online washing best practice is to perform rinse flush with demineralised water. Offline washing rinse until effluent runs clear.
  • Antifreeze: Add antifreeze below +10°C, FYREWASH® F1 is compatible with Methanol, Propylene Glycol, Ethylene Glycol. Rochem manufacture a superior freeze point depressant, Rochem FPD, please contact Rochem for further information.


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What are the health and safety considerations?

FYREWASH® F1 contains a highly active petroleum based solvent and surfactant.

  • EC Hazard rating: Xn, harmful. US NFPA rating 1,2,0
  • Protective Measures: Wear suitable protective clothing including gloves and eye/face protection and use in a well ventilated area.
  • Spillage: Clean up personnel should wear suitable protective clothing and eye/face protection. Do not run off to sewer. Collect with non-combustible absorbent material (i.e. vermiculite, sand or earth).
  • Fire: Use foam, carbon dioxide, dry chemicals, sand or earth. Do NOT use water jets as this may spread the fire.
  • May produce carbon monoxide.

What is the management system?

ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 & ISO45001:2018

What are the environmental procedures?

All chemical solution and rinse water drainage should be collected and disposed of correctly. Adhere to your local environmental regulations.

How does FYREWASH® F1 arrive?

It is available in

  • 1000ltr: order code 73916
  • 210ltr: order code 73914
  • 25ltr: order code 73912

It is packaged in 25 lt (6.5 USG) pails and 210 lt (55 USG) drums, 1000 lt IBC.

Are there shipping restrictions?

There are no shipping restrictions on FYREWASH® F1. It is classified as non-hazardous for international transport by road, sea and air.

How is it stored?

Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area in tightly closed drums. Avoid temperature fluctuations.

How do I order?

Get in touch to place an order for FYREWASH® F1 or for further information on cleaning chemicals for your gas turbine compressor.

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