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FYREWASH® Chemicals

Effective gas turbine compressor cleaning

FYREWASH® is a range of powerful specialist compressor cleaning chemicals exhibiting outstanding performance and suitable for gas turbines in aviation, offshore, industrial, and power generation applications.

This concentrated neutral water-based detergent cleaning fluid is designed for all types of fouling and meet current OEM and environmental standards world-wide. All of the Rochem FYREWASH® chemical range is suitable for both on-line and off-line washing (crank washing).

Which FYREWASH® Chemical should I use?

FYREWASH® F1 is the best original solvent cleaner for heavy duty on and off-line gas compressor cleaning.

FYREWASH® F2 is a great low foaming cleaner with a natural and renewable solvent.

Use FYREWASH® F3 where conditions require an environmentally friendly water based gas turbine cleaner. This product has typically lower foaming than other products with a higher percentage of active cleaning ingredients. We also produce the F3 in an Oil & Gas formula which is CEFAS approved for offshore applications.

Finally the FYREWASH® F4 is a biodegradable water-based chemical which is a blend of surfactants producing a powerful solvent, capable of removing the widest spectrum of fouling.

​To request more information or a quotation please use the FYREWASH® request form.

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