It’s almost unthinkable now but, not so long ago, fuel costs were low and power plants were built without worrying about the expense of running them. Today, the price of fuel has rocketed, and gas turbine powered plants are becoming more and more costly to keep in business.

If this sounds familiar, you may be facing the decision of whether or not to upgrade to a more modern, efficient power plant. Yes, it’s a huge outlay but those fuel prices are becoming cripplingly high which makes the investment tempting. You can’t carry on as you are, after all.

However, we’re here to tell you there’s another option. You don’t necessarily need to upgrade your power plant… perhaps you could cut costs, improve reliability and extend your plant’s lifespan for a mere fraction of the outlay. Perhaps we can help…

The building boom

In around 1998 natural gas was cheap and gas turbine powered plants were built quickly without too much concern for efficiency. Owners wanted to cash in on inexpensive fuel and this building boom lasted until the end of 2003. Today, now that gas prices have massively increased and show no signs of dipping, we are stuck with inefficient power plants that use way more fuel than they should and owners are struggling with the huge gas bills eating into their profit.

The decision to upgrade

Even a plant that’s 20 years old can work without real fault, but that doesn’t mean it’s efficient and cost effective. Many power plant owners are choosing to make partial or full upgrades at their sites at huge expense.

If they don’t realise that they can boost efficiency for a fraction of the cost, they probably feel that they have no other option. However, there are ways to boost efficiency without significant outlay, making your plant much more profitable and reliable. 

The cheaper alternative to upgrading your power plant

It’s not an industry secret but plenty of power plant owners don’t realise there is a significantly cheaper alternative to spending a fortune on equipment upgrades. The answer is effective gas turbine compressor cleaning, and we can help.

If your power plant is essentially in good running order, if a little dated, there’s probably no need to go to extreme and expensive lengths just yet. By implementing an effective cleaning routine for your gas turbine compressor, you will remove foulants which otherwise build up and interfere with air/gas flow. Maintaining a clean, aerodynamic compressor means gas more fully combusts and you get the most from every atom that enters your turbine.

Watch your profit rocket!

At Rochem, we’ve been designing and making equipment and chemicals for gas turbine compressor cleaning for over 40 years. Our products help customers regain lost efficiency while increasing the reliability of their equipment. Another bonus is that our products can help your plant run more ‘greenly’, meeting emissions targets and reducing your impact on the environment.

Customers find that the small outlay on cleaning equipment and/or our specialised cleaning chemicals is regained many times over, without the need to even consider upgrading their power plant.

Get in touch

While we can’t reduce the cost of the gas itself, we can help you get the most from that gas meaning you don’t spend money on expensive fuel only for it to go to waste. Essentially, we can help you fully utilise the equipment you already have.

If you’re interested in finding out what we could offer for your site, please get in touch. Our experienced, knowledgeable team are here to answer all your questions.  

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