Some people’s New Year's resolutions are to eat less meat. Some people have taken up running and plenty are thinking of ways they can live ‘greener’ lives. Believe it or not, the oil and gas industry are also looking for ways to have a less damaging impact on the environment, and have been for some time. This comes in the form of regulations, restrictions and simply encouraging gas turbine users to do what they can to lower emissions. 
Although this might initially sound a) expensive and b) disruptive, fortunately, the opposite is actually true. At Rochem, we specialise in cleaning equipment and chemicals for gas turbine compressors and help our customers have a less damaging environmental impact while saving money at the same time. Here’s how…

Five ways FYREWASH® transforms your environmental impact

FYREWASH® chemicals have been specifically designed to clean gas turbine compressors: washing away contaminants and protecting valuable machinery. This range of specialised products targets common (and less common) foulants, providing superior cleaning in some of the most challenging locations around the world.

Apart from providing peace of mind that you’re taking care of crucial, valuable equipment, FYREWASH® chemicals also support your efforts when it comes to reducing your environmental impact:

1. Reduced fuel usage 

Through normal use, air contaminants and other deposits inevitably build up on the inner surfaces of gas turbine compressors. Washing these foulants away facilitates more complete fuel combustion. Less fuel is needed for the same output which is better for the environment in two main ways:

1. less fuel usage means less CO2 and other greenhouse gases are released;
2. less non-renewable fuel resources are used up.

2. Clean during normal operation 

FYREWASH® can be injected directly into the gas turbine compressor during normal operation without impacting productivity, meaning you use no extra energy to carry out these washes.  

3. Tailor-made products for optimum efficiency

Our range of FYREWASH® chemicals includes a range of options for different situations. For example FYREWASH® F1 is perfect for heavy-duty cleaning in heavily industrial areas while FYREWASH® F3 RR is specifically designed for Rolls Royce gas turbine compressors. The ability to tailor your cleaning to your turbine allows for the best results with minimum effort and product. 

4. Eco-friendly effluent

Some gas turbines are located in particularly environmentally sensitive areas. We’ve carefully considered how and where our products will be used and, without compromising on efficiency, have developed a range of chemicals for use in a variety of sensitive settings. For example, FYREWASH® F2, F3 & F4 chemicals are all biodegradable and FYREWASH® F3 is CEFAS approved for use offshore.

5. Fewer cleaning products needed 

The same FYREWASH® chemical can be used for regular on-line washes and occasional off-line cleans, allowing you to order a single product in larger quantities. This reduces packaging and transport fuel… while saving you money and storage space. 

What CO2 savings could you make?

We’ve seen the different ways that FYREWASH® chemicals can help you run a more environmentally friendly gas turbine but let’s focus on greenhouse gases for a moment. 
CO2 and other gases are given off when fossil fuels are burnt. Once in the atmosphere, these greenhouse gases trap heat from the sun, warming the planet and contributing to global warming and climate change. 
Even if you ignore the limits, targets and local laws surrounding your site’s emissions (we’re not suggesting you do!), ethically we should all be playing our part to reduce greenhouse gases where we can.
We carried out a case study at a General Electric frame gas turbine operating at an offshore installation to determine what kind of CO2 savings could be made through regular gas turbine compressor cleaning. You can read more about it here.
Data gathered before and after on-line washing with FYREWASH® F3 cleaning chemical delivered via Rochem FYREWASH® nozzles showed:
  • post-wash fuel saving of 65 m³/hr 
  • load increase of 300 kW. 
This equates to a potential CO2 saving of 1394 tonnes per year with regular compressor washing.  
The reduction in CO2 output alone is a great reason to invest in effective compressor cleaning technology and products. However, once you factor in fuel savings and increased productivity, the financial benefits really stack up, too.  


Find out more

In an ideal situation, we’d all be using ‘green’ power alternatives. However, many industries simply aren’t able to make that change yet. In the meantime, we can thankfully make affordable, effective choices that not only reduce our environmental impact but boost our profit margins at the same time. 
So, if you’re making it your New Year’s resolution to reduce the environmental impact of your gas turbine, we’re here to help. Browse our website or get in touch to find out more about our specialised gas turbine compressor cleaning products. Our team of experienced professionals will be happy to discuss your specific requirements. 

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