When it comes to process compressors, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Unlike gas turbines, where the process medium is always air, process compressors have specific and different tasks. This must be taken into account when deciding how best to clean them.
Our four step process makes sure we deliver a perfectly tailored system to achieve optimum results. This approach saves time, money, and has a proven track record. 
In one case study, after consulting Rochem and implementing our plan, the customer reported cost savings of USD $5m per event. This equates to a potential saving of USD $15m in just two years. 
To put that figure into perspective, our typical contract value is approximately £100k, which includes the feasibility study (step 2). This initial outlay is a tiny fraction of the money a Rochem cleaning system could save you.   
process compressor system

Interested? Allow us to explain our four step process to cleaner process compressors:


Step 1

We may have met you at a conference or exhibition, or you may have gotten in touch because of our reputation for results. However that first connection is made, we will send out a comprehensive questionnaire for you to fill in. 
Data from your responses allows us to determine whether or not a system can be designed to suit your site. If ‘yes’ then we move onto the next step.


Step 2

This is an exciting step because we have established that we can help you, it is just a case of working out the best approach. 
We carry out a feasibility study at a cost of £10k - £20k. The figure depends on the scope of the study and is paid for under the purchase order. 
Once completed, the study provides the basis for design of your process compressor cleaning system. In turn, this enables you to gain capex for the project. 

Step 3

The basis for design enables us to put together a proposal for the cleaning system, including the chemicals required. This is where you can really start to imagine the system in place and begin looking forward to the benefits. 
Step 4
With your ‘go-ahead’ and our receipt of the purchase order, we get started on the detailed engineering design. Once this is approved by you, we build the whole bespoke system. 
Following thorough testing, we deliver your new process compressor cleaning system to your site. This is always a very exciting day. 
You can now install the nozzle(s) as per the design. This is usually completed by the customer but Rochem can provide commissioning, training and handover at site under the purchase order if you prefer.


Your new process compressor cleaning system is up and running, ready to start improving efficiency and saving you money.
The stats
Looking at a case study conducted at an oil refinery, following the implementation of our four step plan with regards to a cracked gas compressor, the following improvements were noted:
  • The polytropic head increased by 28%
  • The pressure ratio improved from 2.0 to 2.5
  • The polytropic efficiency improved from 62% to 82%
  • The relative work input reduced
  • The plant throughput increased by 10% (based on mass flow)
This all contributes to huge financial savings, far in excess of the total cleaning costs including initial equipment outlay.  
The customer is extremely happy and added that no abnormalities (vibration, noise etc.) have been observed during a clean. We continue to work closely with this customer, looking at ways to further optimise their on-line cleaning regime through cleaning quantity, frequency and sequence. 
This is not an isolated case and we regularly enjoy the fantastic feedback from our customers as they observe the improvements and count the savings. 
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With our four step plan, you could also enjoy lucrative results. Get in touch with our friendly, knowledgeable team and request the no-obligation questionnaire, today.  

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