The Rochem Green Map is our promise to optimise the capability of Rochem and Partners to build a greener future, together.

Our goal is to make 80% greener efficiencies that improve our environmental impact by 2025.

We will do this by...

  • Fully understanding our impact on the planet.
  • Creating efficiencies in our products and processes.
  • Creating a measurable map of the improvements we will make.

At Rochem, we are using 5 core areas to facilitate our journey to becoming a greener business:

1. Products

We ensure that all of our customers are lowering their emissions by using our products, and we strive to continue developing environmentally friendly solutions.

2. Operations and Processes

We ensure that we are doing what we can in our operations to help the environment from recycling to power reduction.

3. Distribution

We make sure that the distribution options we use are the ones that have a low impact on the planet.

4. Staffing

We encourage our staff to be more conscious and to reduce their carbon footprint; other travel options and recycling has been introduced to Rochem, and we are continually looking for new improvements.

5. Supplier/Agents

We make sure that our Agents across the world are complying with our environmental policy.

We understand that the oil and gas industry has a far-reaching environmental impact and it is our duty to minimise and improve on this and keep it in front of our minds at all times.

Here is a summary of our fantastic journey so far and a view of where we are heading as a global team:

The Rochem Green Map

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