This November, the Regional Sales Manager for APAC, David Brand, will be travelling to Australia Sydney for this year’s Australian Gas Turbine Group conference. This conference is held between the 14th – 15th of November in New South Wales.

What we have planned...

This two-day conference might seem like an extremely long trip, however, it is always such a positive outcome for Rochem. We are able to support so many of you with your turbine fouling issues and find ways that your equipment can run more efficiently. 

We’ve been going to this event for a few years now, and this year David is going to be presenting and talking to you about Gas Turbine Compressors.

This is a great opportunity for us to be able to tell you all about Rochem, what we do and exactly how we can help improve your Gas Turbine performance.

Here’s what David has to say:

'Gas turbine compressors are widely being used in power generation, oil and gas operations and aviation sectors. Each employ’s either a dynamic axial flow or a centrifugal compressor. Many of these applications are subject to fouling resulting in decay in compressor performance and efficiency thereby adversely affecting plant profitability. On and offline cleaning could be an option to mitigate compressor performance at an optimum level throughout the equipment lifecycle. This, combined with a significant improvement in equipment reliability and availability, will ultimately result in huge cost savings for the plant operator. 

This paper presents industry best practices, stating and investigating the part that the cleaning media (chemical) and the delivery method interact to optimize the cleaning process. The use of chemical analysis, measurement and testing procedures are discussed with real-world case studies used to validate the theory with the practical. Delivery methods for the injection of the cleaning media are discussed and a comparison of design data to real-world case studies provides validation of the best practice. The application of Computational Fluid Dynamic modelling (CFD) is explained with actual case history data comparison.'

David will be able to tell you all how Rochem can help you become more efficient in your turbine running and create more profit in the long run. 

You can book a meeting with us and find out how we can help you and your fouling issues by contacting us by email:
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We look forward to meeting you all there!

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