If you saw last month’s newsletter, or have been keeping up to date with us on social media, you will know about our environmentally friendly chemical FYREWASH F3

This chemical has been approved for use on Offshore platforms, as it has superior cleaning qualities
that are non-hazardous and environmentally friendly! The water-based detergent is suitable for online
and offline cleaning too.
So, here at Rochem HQ, we are looking at more ways that we can be environmentally friendly.
We already have a lot in places, such as recycling paper and plastic, and now electronic recycling too
with our 'wheelie bin'. Now, Rochem is introducing... Eco Reusable Coffee Mugs, made from
recycled bamboo, are perfect for our team who travel around the world and our customers!

                                                                   Rochem coffee mug

Reusable Coffee Cups are becoming very popular with consumers as they make the switch
from single-use cups. It is estimated that 16 billion coffee cups are thrown away worldwide
every year and we are all more aware of the environmental damage this causes. It only takes
a small change to make a big difference so Reusable Coffee Cup makes it easier to be part of
the change and we're proud to be doing so!

What have you started doing to change your environmental impact?
Steve Deane has arrived back safe and sound from his trip offshore in Scatsca. Steve went offshore
for the week to install one of our cleaning systems on the platform which was a success, despite the
weather conditions and slight travel issues. For his trip, he completed a week of Minimum Industry Safety Training (MIST Training). This was Steve's first experience working offshore.

We’re taking on the 3-peak challenge, did you know?

                                           Rochem team taking on 3 Peak Challenge to raise money for charity

Adrienne, Chris, Dave, Rich and Tom are taking part in this massive challenge which entails climbing
the 3 highest mountains in Britain; Snowdon (1085m), Scafell Pike (978m) and Ben Nevis (1335m) in 24 hours!
We have decided to do the challenge for charity, and that charity being Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity, all money raised will help give seriously ill children the chance of a better future.

Any sponsors for the challenge would be hugely appreciated and make all the miles worth it.
Thank you 
Click here to sponsor us :)

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