Less than a month until our USA team head to the Combined Cycle User Group at the Marriott St. Louis Grand, 26 – 29th August 2019. This is the 8th year the event has been held, but Rochem’s first time exhibiting there!

Sales manager, Steve Egelhoff will be attending along with Craig Palumbo and Alex Hoffer our Technical Sales Representatives. Together they look after many of the states in America. They also have all the knowledge about our products including our FYREWASH cleaning range – we have an environmentally friendly, low foam and offshore approved amongst them.

Steve and the team will be able to show you how we can help increase YOUR bottom line by installing the Ultimate in Performance Cleaning Systems for your Gas Turbine and Process Compressors.

Why Combined Cycle User Group?

CCUG is a conference with a vendor fair, that includes the Combined Cycle Users Group, The Generator
Users Group, The Power Plant Controls Users Group and the Steam Turbine Users Group. 

Combine Cycle User Group is great for our company and so important for us to attend and meet you all,
as there is a great opportunity to network with the right people – to be able to exchange ideas between
businesses, owners and operators. The power user group provides an open forum through conferences
and technological aids to the power generation with effective communication, discussion and
information covering just about everything in our industry such as the operation, maintenance
(that’s us), inspection, troubleshooting, and repairs of equipment.

We are really looking forward to meeting everyone at this event later on in the month and seeing
how we can help solve any fouling you might be experiencing on your machinery. We could save you
millions by reducing your downtime and becoming more efficient!

If you would like to talk to us at the event you can contact us through the website.

See you at booth 9!

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