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Introducing environmentally friendly water-based detergent for online and offline gas turbine compressor washing


Keeping your Gas Turbines in peak condition is essential in ensuring that their performance is not compromised, and that you do not suffer costly expenses and downtime. Traditionally, chemical cleaning solutions are the go to option for performance recovery. However, with climate change and businesses needing to take a more active role in environmental sustainability, you may find yourself making a trade off with performance and profit.

At Rochem we recognise this, which is why we have developed a class-leading portfolio of bio-degradable FYREWASH® cleaning systems and solutions, which have a vastly reduced concentration of chemical solvents. They are non-hazardous to the user and a more environmentally friendly option, without compromising the cleaning power, which meets the most stringent requirements of gas turbine manufacturers. We have water-based FYREWASH® cleaning solutions in our range which set the standard in the industry and that lead the way in new compressor and gas turbine cleaning products and systems.

Martin Howarth, Managing Director for Rochem Technical Services, comments,

“We developed our bio-degradable range of Fyrewash cleaning solutions in response to changes in the gas turbine industry. There is a definite need to offer more environmentally friendly options, to businesses who rely on these types of products, that are actively seeking to improve their own CSR credentials. We spent a long time developing the range and are constantly seeking ways to improve our products, whilst minimising their impact on the environment. ”

Features & benefits of the biodegradable Fyrewash® system:

  • Powerful cleaning efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Non-hazardous, biodegradable.
  • Approved and meet current OEM and environmental standards world-wide.
  • CEFAS Approved for use off-shore. Superior Cleaning over leading industry brands (evaluated and benchmarked by Rochem’s team of expert chemists).
  • Suitable for on-line and off-line use.
  • Can be used with any injection system.
  • Ideal for frequent on-line washing of any type of industrial, marine or aviation gas turbine.
  • Supplied in concentrated form reducing delivery costs and minimising storage requirements.
  • Available in wipes. Ideal for hand cleaning gas turbines, blades and other gas turbine parts.
  • Worldwide product support for your business, turbine and team.
  • Achilles approved.

For more information on our FYREWASH range, head to this page.

Talk to us and how the right Rochem FYREWASH® cleaning product that can support your gas turbine maintenance programme! Call: (0) +44 1962 890089 Email:

*Bio-degradable system available in FYREWASH® F3 & FYREWASH®F4 ranges.

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