Do you know what goes on inside your gas turbine, or how and where foulants are accumulating? Rochem’s observation window gives you an invaluable view of its delicate inner workings. Keep an eye on your turbine to monitor cleanliness and working order, and take action before problems arise.  

The benefits of installing an observation window

When you install an observation window on your turbine, you take the guesswork out of diagnosing problems. This puts you one step ahead as you can either confidently implement a solution without dismantling the turbine or fully prepare for the issue once your engineers get access.

There are three main benefits to installing an observation window:

  1. Visually check for fouling issues
  2. See where oil leaks are happening 
  3. Observe your online and offline washing nozzle performance
The ability to visually assess these things saves money on manpower and potential downtime. 

Fouling issues

A build-up of foulants within your gas turbine has a detrimental effect on performance. Unfortunately, some build-up is unavoidable as foulants will always find their way into the system. They can be intentionally introduced, such as essential lubricants, or enter via the air e.g.:
  • Exhaust fumes
  • Salt
  • Pollen
However the foulants get there, and the extreme heat and pressure of the compressor accelerate their build-up. As the foulants accumulate, airflow is interrupted which in turn reduces efficiency and increases costs. 
Eventually, foulants can reach dangerous levels, necessitating unscheduled shutdowns to avoid serious damage.  
Our turbine observation window gives visual access to the inner workings of your turbine. You can monitor the build-up of foulants and take action if required.

Gas Turbine Compressor Cleaning

On-line compressor cleaning is a fantastic way of cleaning your turbine without the need to shut the system down. Once the cleaning system is installed, it sprays atomised water/water and detergent into the compressor during normal use. Foulants are effectively dislodged, dissolved and washed away to keep your system running safely and efficiently.  

Keep an eye on cleaning

Pairing the turbine observation window with the on-line cleaning system allows you to keep an eye on progress. You are able to watch as the wash is carried out, observe the spray pattern and monitor cleaning results.  

Find out more

Rochem’s on-line cleaning system and the observation window can be retrofitted to most turbines. If you’d like to find out more about either, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our team would be happy to discuss your individual requirements. 

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