The profitability of a plant is directly linked to the performance of its process compressors.
If foulants are allowed to build up, this has a hugely negative impact on efficiency. 
How to optimise the performance of your gas turbine compressor?

What causes a drop in the performance of a gas turbine?

When it comes to foulants, build up to some level is unavoidable. For example, impurities such as salt, and exhaust fumes can enter the system via the air supply while residual cleaning products and oil left on blades all contribute to fouling.  
Once foulants are present they interrupt the airflow. The greater the build-up, the less aerodynamic the system becomes and, in turn, efficiency drops. 
Although it’s impossible to prevent fouling completely, it’s important to keep on top of it in order to maintain as efficient a system as possible.  

What can be done to maintain performance?

The bottom line is that it’s important to maintain an efficient system to minimise the running cost. Fortunately, there are simple steps you can take in order to achieve this:
  1. Implement a regular cleaning schedule to minimise the build-up of foulants
  2. Conduct supplementary off line cleans to thoroughly cleanse any residual foulants
By keeping the gas turbine as clean as possible, it remains as efficient as possible.

How to choose the right gas turbine cleaning detergent?

When it comes to actually conducting a clean, it’s essential that you use specialised gas turbine cleaning chemicals. The wrong detergent, or even the right detergent used incorrectly, could make the problem worse. 
Although it may be tempting to forgo cleaning chemicals and just use water, you’d quickly discover that water on its own is not enough to remove all the different kinds of foulants. Instead, choose a gas turbine cleaning detergent which has been specially designed for the purpose. Make sure that it will be effective without causing damage to the delicate system it’s cleaning. 

What is Fyrewash?

Fyrewash is a range of gas turbine cleaning chemicals which takes care of all types of fouling. It is safe, leaves no chemical residue and can be used for both off line and on line cleaning.  
While offering outstanding performance, Fyrewash also meets current OEM and environmental standards worldwide. This allows you to confidently implement an effective cleaning regime without the worry of how your gas turbine cleaning chemicals might impact the environment. 

How do I use Fyrewash on line?

For an online clean a Rochem on line cleaning system is installed. This system delivers the gas turbine cleaning detergent mixed with water at a ratio of 1:4. Once in place, a clean can be conducted in a matter of minutes during normal operation. This drastically cuts down the build-up of foulants without requiring the gas turbine to be shut down. 
When you do need to carry out an off line clean, Fyrewash can be used again. 

Is the on line cleaning system suitable for my compressor?

Broadly speaking, if your process compressor has oil seals or self-acting dry gas seals then you can safely carry out on line cleaning. If you decide you’d like to implement an on line process compressor cleaning system then Rochem will complete a design verification in order to determine if any modifications are needed. 
Connectors can be manufactured to ensure a perfect fit on any system but standard nozzles use NPT or 1-1/2” ANSI/DIN flange connections.   

Find out more about Fyrewash gas turbine cleaning detergent

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