How many of you suffer from fouling issues affecting the performance of your Gas Turbine? 

You may experience fouling types such as: 

  • Hydrocarbons 
  • Salts 
  • Silica 
  • Carbon dioxide 
  • Oil & Grease from the compressor lube system If you do not ensure your fouling is kept to a minimum, this can have devastating results. 

For the best results for your business, you need the highest possible output. This means you must maintain your assets. 

We can help you with your gas turbine fouling by: 

With Rochem you will: 

  • See the RESULTS you want in no time. 
  • See how small adjustments have a HUGE IMPACT ON REVENUE. 
  • Be able to keep output HIGH 

Fouling issues impact on revenue

If you feel you need extra support with your turbine fouling, then contact us today at and we can help you get back your lost output! 

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