Our team have been working in all parts of the world this month...
David Brand, our Sales Manager really kicked November off to a great start with a trip to The Hague for The Dutch Gas Turbine Association conference.
A brilliant turnout for us and we will be returning next year!

David Brand at The Dutch Gas Turbine Association conference

We have Martin in Australia at the moment exhibiting at the Annual Gas Turbine Conference. He travelled from Seoul to Kuala Lumpur to Australia. It’s been a long month for Martin, but he can enjoy the Australian sunshine, unlike us here in the UK.
Glenn, one of our workshop technicians, was sent to Italy to work on an installation. Glenn helped install a LM6000 hot-end wash system into a FOD screen for one of our major OEMs. 

We design and create all of our systems in house!

   Chris Edwards our CFD and FEA Applications Engineer

Optimizing the nozzle design to suit turbine

We are lucky to have the talented Chris Edwards our CFD and FEA Applications Engineer.

Chris utilises CFD software to study the fluid interaction of our nozzle spray during turbine/compressor service, with this information he can optimize our nozzle design to suit. FEA software is then employed to observe stress and strain experienced under the same flow conditions. This effectively allows him to create a virtual prototype at the design validation stage, enabling us to solve any complications prior to manufacture.

These tools ensure each bespoke Rochem solution is designed to the highest standards.


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