This year South Korea is hosting their 20th Korea Rotating Machinery Symposium conference between the 14th - 16th Nov. We have been fortunate enough to be invited to exhibit at this amazing event and also have the opportunity to present there too!

An exciting time for Rochem, as we celebrate our 40thyear in the oil and gas, process compressor industry. 

This Symposium, which has been held every year for people related to the rotating machinery industry, is a show of sharing and exchanging information related to the damages, the repair and the care of the rotating machines in the field and the new technology evolving.

So, we are exhibiting and presenting? We will be needing a team!

Process Compressor expert, Frans Kok, who is based in Holland and has been with Rochem for many years, will be attending to give specialist advice. Along with the Managing Director in our Winchester HQ, Martin Howarth, who is also an expert in the Process Compressor field. Both are very busy preparing their presentations for the South Korean audience, with lots of great expert advice and information on online cleaning systems and our FYREWASH chemicals to be shared with you all.

Emily, who looks after the marketing department at Rochem, will also be joining the Rochem team on this exciting trip! Emily has also been very busy preparing the marketing materials for the event. This means there are lots of freebies, new shiny brochures and product data sheets about us with everything you could possibly want to know! This will be Emily’s first long-haul flight.

Whilst the team are at Korea Rotating Machinery Symposium, they plan to share as much of their knowledge and expertise to help you with your process compressor needs and to see where we can improve the performance of your compressor. 

Rochem is here to make sure you are in the right hands and achieving the most efficient and productive turbine cleaning services and how we can help if you think you are not achieving this.

Rochem will be at booth number 19, our team are excited to meet you all and help you with any questions you may have about process compressor online cleaning

See you there!

PS: Rochem will be going to Australia straight after the South Korean exhibition so keep your eye out for more info.

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