Rochem's FYREWASH F3 is officially the first cleaner to be used on a mega project in Egypt.

Three power plants involving the giant H- Series gas turbines have been successfully commissioned to provide electricity for 15 million Egyptians. The gas turbines are connected from Beni Suef, Burullus and New Captial with three other sub stations that have been running for 10 months and already been very energy efficient.

14 Rochems drum containing FYREWASH F3 is due to be delivered to these powerplant sites, that’s a whopping 2,940 litres of chemical to sustain the efficiency through its digital services of the three power plants! This now makes SIEMENS the largest gas turbine operator in Egypt and our FYREWASH F3 is the highest-selling chemical to them.

Why Rochem?

Using our FYREWASH F3 cleaning chemical for systems such as gas turbines will increase cleaning effectiveness compared to just demineralized water. Where there are constantly oily, greasy or sticky deposits generated through the machinery having a strong and powerful cleaning chemical is vital to keep the machine running smoothly, and in the long run, will save a business more money with less breakdowns and generate more money.


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