GCM: Siemens SGT-750 Goes Downstream


China’s largest acrylic producer, Zhejiang Satellite Energy Co. Ltd., has selected Siemens to provide a reactor effluent compressor train for Phase II of its propane dehydrogenation (PDH) plant in Pinghu City, China. Siemens will deliver a 41-MW SGT-750 gas turbine, rated at approximately 41% efficiency, to drive two Siemens STC-SH single-shaft compressors.

The Phase II project represents the first downstream application for Siemens SGT-750 gas turbine, as well as the first SGT-750 sold in China. The SGT-750 is optimized for direct drives without intermediate gears and has a rotational speed of 6100 rpm. According to Siemens, the turbine’s advanced fuel flexibility and low lifecycle cost and ease of maintenance were critical factors in Zhejiang Satellite’s decision, along with their past success with Siemens’ technology. The turbine has proven experience burning fuel gas, which has hydrogen and is difficult for a gas turbine to burn.

​Article from Gas Compression Magazine

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