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Cost-effective gas turbine compressor cleaning for combined heat and power plants

Rochem's cleaning technology can assist any combined heat and power plant to provide maximum electrical and heat energy using our gas turbine compressor cleaning systems and chemicals. This ensures that your gas turbine operates as efficiently as possible with minimal impact on our environment.

We have over four decades of experience in gas turbine compressor cleaning and our specialised equipment and chemicals are chosen at sites around the world. Our products are trusted for their reliability, efficacy, and profit-boosting potential.

Harnessing greater power and reducing emissions is just four steps away

  • 01 Get in touch The first simple step is to get in touch with our experienced, knowledgeable team. We will then arrange a conference call and deliver a tailored presentation.
  • 02 Customised proposal We will spend time learning about your site and goals before creating a personalised proposal to detail how we can help.
  • 03 Make changes This is the perfect moment to ask questions and make any changes you’d like. Once you’re 100% happy, sign the paperwork to continue with the installation.
  • 04 Install & train We will manufacture your bespoke equipment and install it at your site. We will then train your staff to confidently use it and start reaping the rewards.

FAQs about Combined Heat and Power

Do I need to bother cleaning my gas turbine compressor?

Over time, inevitable fouling erodes and corrodes delicate equipment while also interrupting airflow through the gas turbine compressor. This reduces efficiency; increases the risk of unscheduled shutdowns; and can cost you millions of pounds in losses over a year.

Investing in cleaning equipment and running regular washes is an extremely cost-effective way of maintaining your equipment, regaining lost power, and boosting your bottom line.

Can Rochem support our environmental efforts?

Yes! By running a cleaner gas turbine compressor your plant will burn fuel more efficiently and give off fewer emissions. Our unique FYREWASH® range of chemicals also includes specially designed detergents for environmentally sensitive sites. We can help you choose the ideal combination of equipment and detergents to minimise your environmental impact while boosting efficiency and power.

What kind of fouling causes problems?

Different types of contaminants cause different issues but any impurities in your system are potentially dangerous and costly. Unfortunately, some fouling is inevitable and common foulants include:

  • Oil from lube systems
  • Glycol from antifreeze
  • Salts: carbonate salts, sulphide salts, iron salts, sea salt
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Sand

What is on-line cleaning?

On-line cleaning is gas turbine compressor washing during normal operation. Using a Rochem online cleaning system, water and detergent is injected directly into the compressor, dislodging, dissolving and flushing away foulants.

What is off-line cleaning?

This type of gas turbine cleaning involves shutting down the compressor and manually cleaning it. Although thorough, this method is disruptive, labour-intensive and time consuming.

Is on-line or off-line cleaning better?

We recommend a combination of both cleaning methods: regular on-line washes with the occasional off-line clean. You can find out more about the difference between online and offline cleaning here.

What cleaning chemicals should I use?

Although many foulants will be washed away with pure water, a specialised detergent will ensure a reliable, thorough clean. Our range of FYREWASH® chemicals are designed exclusively for cleaning gas turbine compressors and include products for a range of environments. We can help you choose the right product for your site.

What equipment do I need for on-line cleaning?

Rochem gas turbine compressor cleaning equipment can be retrofitted in most cases. It safely delivers a precise amount of cleaning chemicals directly into the compressor during normal operation. Your bespoke proposal will outline specific requirements but you'll need:

Is Rochem equipment universal?

Rochem equipment can be retrofitted in most cases and we can manufacture parts for any application. Standard nozzles use NPT or 1-1/2" ANSI/DIN flange connections rated to suit the process application.

Are there any risks associated with gas turbine compressor cleaning?

Rochem equipment and FYREWASH® chemicals have been used at countless sites around the world for decades without reported incidents. Properly cleaning your gas turbine compressor actually reduces the risk of failures and shutdowns.

Will cleaning damage my turbine's seals?

Rochem products and cleaning are very unlikely to damage any part of your turbine. For total peace of mind, we always carry out a design verification at every site.

Is gas turbine compressor cleaning worth the outlay and ongoing expense?

The initial cost of equipment and minimal ongoing expense of detergent is recouped several times over in increased power output and decreased unscheduled shutdowns. That's before you also consider the other benefits including reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

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