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Whatever your product and wherever you're based if your industry depends on a gas turbine then efficiency, power and reliability are essential to operations. At Rochem we use over four decades of experience developing gas turbine compressor cleaning equipment and chemicals to help our customers boost their profit and power at the same time.

'Minimal downtime for installation, easy to use, we were very impressed and a successful outcome, great results'

Offshore Rotating Equipment Manager
Talisman-Sinpopec Bleo Holm FPSP

Wherever you are in the world, the introduction of foulants to your gas turbine compressor is unavoidable. From airborne sea salt, pollen and pollution to lubricants from your own system: contaminants will find their way in, disrupt airflow and corrode sensitive equipment. Ultimately, you will need to take action to avoid irreversible damage, unscheduled shut downs and lost revenue.

We work with a range of industries around the world that want to get the most from their gas turbine compressors by removing foulants. Specialists in this specific type of cleaning for over 40 years, we have developed a range of equipment and chemicals to target foulants and restore power for our customers.

Find out how our bespoke systems could help you boost power, profit and reliability, whatever your specialist industry.

Power & Energy

Unscheduled shut downs can be catastrophic to businesses in the power and energy sector, let alone your customers. With a bespoke cleaning system and specialist cleaning chemicals, we can help you save money, boost power and maintain a reliable gas turbine.

Our trusted products are used at more than 13,000 sites globally on most types of OEM and end user equipment.

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Oil & Gas

Your gas turbine is likely based in a harsh, challenging environment but you can't afford to compromise on productivity. Whether you're surrounded by desert sand or deep seas, the impact of foulants contaminating your compressor can be devastating.

Our cleaning systems and chemicals help clients in the oil and gas sector regain lost power and maintain an efficient, reliable turbine.

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Combined heat & power

Your industry is all about efficiency but what happens when your gas turbine compressor is compromised by inevitable fouling? Removing contaminants is essential to running a reliable turbine and achieving maximum efficiency, and we're here to help.

We put our decades of specialist experience into every bespoke project and are confident we can help you run the most powerful, reliable and efficient system possible.

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Petrochemical refinery

In the petrochemical industry, your end product relies on an efficient and powerful gas turbine, in addition to reliable and efficient process compressors.

In order to maintain this essential equipment, we provide bespoke cleaning systems and gas turbine chemicals to customers around the world.  

Backed by 40 years of industry experience our gas turbine compressor cleaning products could help you regain lost power, improve efficiency and increase reliability at your refinery.

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