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Rochem manufacture a range of Jet wash systems to clean both narrow and wide body aircraft.

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Three Stage Filter (TSF)

The TSF is designed for use with all Rochem compressor wash systems. Installing a TSF in your system will virtually eliminate the possibility of blocked nozzles ensuring every compressor wash is maximised.

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Process Compressors

Every nozzle is designed and manufacture a range of engineered solutions for your compressor performance. Contact one of our programme specialists to follow your 4 easy steps to maximum compressor performance.

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Observation Windows

Contact Specialist Rochem observation windows are designed specifically for gas turbine applications. Installed in the air inlet plenum they provide the ability to observe compressor washing in progress, ice formation, oil leaks and the overall condition of the compressor inlet during normal operation.

Wash Skids

Rochem design and manufacture a range of wash delivery systems for most applications. We provide a standard selection in addition to bespoke designs to meet all of your requirements and specifications.

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Contact UsRochem design and manufactures a wide range of specialist wash nozzles for almost all gas turbine and compressor types. Every nozzle designed using Rochem's Best Practice formula and patented technology. Contact one of our team to find out how a Rochem nozzle system can provide you with a more cost effective and efficient method to maintain your performance.

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