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The Rochem Jet engine wash system represents the latest, efficient, effective and low cost ownership technology for the on - wing cleaning of any type and size of aircraft jet engine.

The numerous proven benefits of the Ro-Jet wash system include:

  • Significantly reduced fuel burn, typically 1 to 1.5 % per year.
  • Consistent, predictable results from engine wash.
  • Longer on - wing times
  • Operator choice of using hot water washing only or hot wash with the addition of detergents to further improve cleaning effect.
  • Patent atomizing nozzle injection system maximizes compressor (and main fan) cleaning result with minimum usage workload
  • Easier maintenance process and procedure
  • Engine wash times, including set up, reduced to minutes, not hours.
  • Unsurpassed cost/benefit ratios.
  • Extremely short pay back/amortization periods
  • Minimal maintenance requirements, no consumables apart from water (and small amount detergent, if used)
  • Safe, self-positioning system, no physical connection whatsoever to the engine being washed.

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