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Tracy Chance

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Texas - USA


Tracy is an experienced Account Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the oil & energy industry. Her skills lie in negotiation, petroleum, gas, sales, and management. She graduated from Glassboro State College.

When Tracy was growing up she wanted to be a businessman… like her dad. He was in purchasing and was called upon by many sales reps. She remembers his stories about the people he met and the places he travelled… Back in the 70's you didn't hear the term business woman much - so as a kid she was determined to be a businessman. She knew she wanted to be in business by the time she was 8.

Tracy moved from a marketing career to a sales career due to the opportunity sales provided to interact with and problem solve for customers on a more personal - up close level. She likes the idea of being able to provide solutions. She also enjoy the diversity and variety that a career in sales offers. Every day holds promise. Every day is potentially different from the last or next day.

The best part of her job is when she is able to "come through" for a customer. Tracy likes making a positive difference.

Outside work, Tracy likes to be outside. Walking, hiking and gardening are some of her favourite activities.

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