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Steve Egelhoff

Sales Manager


Brookfield, Connecticut - USA


Steve began his career with Magnavox Advanced Products division in Torrance, CA where he worked on the military GPS Phase II program as the engineering liaison to purchasing. Then worked for a Japanese import/export company of military electronics and aircraft spare parts where he became involved with compressor cleaning of gas turbine engines. Joined Lucas Aerospace in 1991 as the product specialist for engine cleaning. Was promoted to product manager responsible for the engine department. Joined Rochem in 1997 as the northeast sales representative. A “field guy” who has developed the eastern seaboard and the midwest. Was promoted to eastern sales manager with the added responsibility for overseeing the gulf region sales. Was promoted to sales manager in 2017 responsible for continuing the growth of sales in the Americas.


Steve enjoys his large music library of vinyl, CDs and digital music from various eras and plays on a number of guitars collected over the years. Also enjoys boating, cooking, golf, and watching his favorite sports teams.


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