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Martin Howarth

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Winchester - United Kingdom


Martin started his career as a marine engineering officer in the British Merchant Navy, travelling the world before returning to university to study electrical and electronic engineering.

He has over 36 years of experience in the gas turbine field, initially working for Centrax Gas Turbines as a commissioning engineer before progressing to Shell in the Netherlands as an Operations and Maintenance Engineer in CHP projects. He then transferred to Emstar PLC as a senior commissioning engineer for a CHP plant in Greenwich. He completed that stage of his career as Operations and Maintenance Manager, before joining Rochem in 1992 as Technical Manager based in the UK.

Extensive knowledge of mechanical and electrical engineering together with hands-on experience with gas turbines provides a bedrock for his work at Rochem.
He was appointed Rochem Group engineering manager in 2002 and then managing director in June 2016. He is now enjoying the new challenge of leading the company forward.
Martin's long-time hobby is scuba diving in which he is highly qualified, having dived in waters stretching from Australia to Cornwall. He is a keen motorcyclist, adventure riding extensively across Europe and into Africa. Currently, his main pursuit is triathlon, having completed many races, including an Ironman event.

Martin is married with a son and two daughters.

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