Efficiency and sustainability go hand-in-hand

Inefficient systems use more fuel and create excess waste. Not only is this bad for your bottom line, but it’s also damaging to the environment. When you know that foulants are contributing to inefficiency, the solution is simple: wash the foulants away.

Economic cleaning

Our trusted equipment facilitates effective yet economical gas turbine cleaning. Specialised nozzles deliver a calculated minimum amount of water and gas turbine water wash detergent exactly where it’s needed to thoroughly cleanse away foulants. Cleans can also be performed during normal gas turbine operation so absolutely no extra power is wasted.

Market-leading cleaners

Our FYREWASH® chemicals are exceptional detergents, specially designed to remove a wide range of foulants. Their efficiency means you can be economical on product and water but the FYREWASH® products themselves also meet environmental standards worldwide.

Doing our bit

While helping customers control their environmental impact, we also do everything we can to minimise our contribution to climate change. Efficient manufacture of products; recycling up to 98% of water used for testing our nozzles; opting for environmentally friendly shipping methods; and recycling paper, electrical parts and scrap metal all help us to do our bit.

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